Commercial Interior Designers In Chennai

Commercial Interior Design

Every office has a unique purpose. The furniture and design of that office identifies what kind of work takes place there. Vrist is the best interior designer in Chennai that designs the greatest, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing work spaces. These include offices, bay areas, receptions, cubicles, cabins and meeting areas, presentation auditoriums, etc.

What do commercial interior designers do?

Commercial interior design refers to the aspect of conceptualizing spaces for businesses. This is important, because homes and businesses have very different design needs. The scope of work is much larger than residential projects. Commercial interior designers are specially trained to plan based on functionality, safety and practicality.


They must include style and aesthetics. Commercial interior designers are skilled in knowing how to plan space without surrendering design. They are trained to make sure that everything is safe and up to the code. They are very informed about the architecture details, lighting, floor and ceiling design, window placement, and technological upgrades. They also define the scope of the project, draw blueprints, make selections of materials, and oversee budgeting, scheduling and decorating.

Why choose Vrist as a commercial interior designer?

With experience of more than 10 years in interior designing, we have worked in many trends in Commercial Designing. The experiences we have attained allow us to innovate and provide the best in contemporary demands and work ethics. This has led us to become the best interior designer in Kottayam. Whether your office consists of hundreds of employees or just a handful of employees, Vrist is the best solution for all varieties in design, decorations, installations, and renovation.

Our team delivers the best designs, which is reflected in our work. We have designed a plethora of commercial spaces of different kinds of clients. To find the perfect design, settings, furnishings and décor for your office, come meet the interior designing professionals at Vrist. We will add charm and elegance to your office.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the difference between commercial and residential interior design?

Commercial functionality requires more productive space planning. The designer should ensure that the building is functional and reflects the company’s brand and service requirements. In the case of commercial design, there is a distinct approach that involves a blend of textures, colors and layout that is structured around the industry’s needs. For example, if the commercial space is a hotel, the design and furniture will incorporate the best design and space that is ideal for a hotel.

2. Can you do retail interior design services?

Yes, the best retail interior design is one that will consistently draw customers and encourage buying. The expert designers at VRIST will customize the design to suit your particular requirements. VRIST makes concept drawing and detailed drawings to ensure that the final result is exactly what you picture in mind. The retail interior design services have helped several retail outlets convey their brand identity and look. We help plan your budget, create concept design of the retail store, 2 D and 3 D visual concept presentations, select furniture, install and coordinate the move-in process.

3. Can I get small office space interior design?

Yes, we do all sizes of office space interior design. You can choose from modern, traditional, European, Minimalist and bohemian styles. First you should define the space that you are using for an office. We will measure the space and your furniture and create the most apt design plan for your office. The key to make a good office is to make the best use of whatever space you have. Use furniture that you have to save on money. Adding a fresh and lively color to the wall will give you a professional office space.