Interior Designers In Anna Nagar

Anna Nagar is located in Chennai and is named after the Tamil leader, C.N. Annadurai.  Anna Nagar is the first and only township in Chennai which follows a standard addressing system that is used in the western world. Anna Nagar has several schools and colleges, worship places, shopping complexes and restaurants. Anna Nagar has two bus terminals – Anna Nagar West and Anna Nagar East. The Anna Nagar Tower is also a special and beautiful attraction for tourists and sightseers to visit. If you are in Anna Nagar and searching for an interior designer in Chennai , VRIST is the solution for you.

 We have experience working to create designs that have a radiant and vibrant impact on people and places. We search for the best quality of products that will make your space a home of your dreams.  We strive to reach unexplored territory in terms of interior designing. By trying out new designs and materials, we creatively synchronize your expectations and ultimately create the custom home or workspace for you.




Vrist follows a tried and true process which means that we first take the time to understand the client’s needs and expectations of the entire project. It is our firm belief that the process of designing is centered around a foundation of trust and open discussion about the customer’s needs. During this time, we will meet you on-site to plan and discuss the project details. We will collect all the required information with regard to the space, discuss the budget and the timeline of the project.

Vrist offers complete design services from the development of concept to the point of completion. We take pride in providing matchless residential designs. Our goal is not just to put together an interior that will look pleasant, but to design practically for everyday life.


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