The Pooja Room Design & Decoration

The pooja room is the most relaxing part of the house because it helps people to forget about all their worries and problems in life. Pooja rooms that are designed and decorated by VRIST will have the ability to calm people’s nerves and quietly pray.


Because a pooja room usually has metal accessories such as bells, plates and brass lamps, decorating the room with metallic hues can enhance the look by an expert interior designers in Thiruvalla. However, do not to go overboard with the metal as it will overpower the room with its shine. Instead, use subtle elements such as decorative metal motifs on the door or metallic colored paint on just a small section of the wall to balance the energy in the area.

Among the different types of natural stones, marble is the most elegant and luxurious. In addition, the richness that it brings to the decor, white marble also adds a soothing touch to any space, making it ideal for a pooja room. In fact, marble is also an ideal material for people who are looking for small, God room interior designs as it can be crafted into a beautiful floor-standing mandir.


Wood is a versatile material for home decor, and it adds warmth and beauty to any area. In a pooja room, carved wooden structures are reminiscent of the exquisite hand-carved motifs and sculptures that one sees in old temples. In a tiny home, one can look at small pooja cabinet designs. In more expanded houses, the drawback of using wood is that it is an expensive material. However, instead of creating a new wooden mandir design for the home, one can save money by searching for old wooden furniture in second hand stores or flea markets and polishing them.

Interior Design for Pooja Room Wall Units

The Pooja room is the most special and holy place of the home. It is where you can take time to meditate and focus on your spiritual life as your pray for divine guidance and wisdom. The pooja room is a space safer and is ideal for smaller Indian homes. There are many ways to design your pooja room. The room can be decorated with wallpaper or wooden panels or wall decor. A wooden pooja unit with a glass partition to separate it from the rest of the house is also a great idea.


The pooja room can have a separate wall unit. You can hang a bronze bell to ward off evil spirits. Oil lamps will enhance the beauty and will be ideal for placing in the pooja room. Traditionally, South Indians have peaceful and wooden pooja rooms that are inspired by temples. Two pillars are commonly found on either end of the pooja room. In this type of design, the decor can kept simple and minimal.

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