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Interior designers in Velachery – Vrist

Vrist has experience in interior designing both homes and offices in the locality of Velachery. VRIST has everything from seasonal decor to the latest and greatest trends. The creative minds at VRIST live by the philosophy that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. VRIST definitely has an eye and a passion for Interior Decorating.

Interior designers in Velachery


VRIST offers a wide range of styles. Choose from the following styles; Modern, Traditional, European, Minimalist and Bohemian.

  • Modern style is simple and unadorned and contains simple and functional furniture. Not much additional accessories are required. Modern design makes use of clean and crisp lines and employs a simple colour selection. Modern is often referred to as contemporary.
  • Traditional style is similar to Modern in the sense that there is not “too much” of style or accessories. Traditional design refers to neutral colour tones which create a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Traditional decorations are for those who consider themselves as “old souls”.
  • European style is an old world style for those who love to have a mixture of European decor, furniture and antiques. With European designing, you can mix and match according to your preferences.
  • Minimalist refers to the idea of having only the essentials. Every piece of furniture serves a purpose. Nothing is excessive in accessories or furniture..
  • Bohemian style is a unique style because it uses few rules and refers to a care-free and simple lifestyle. Because Bohemians are known for following their heart’s desire, the look and style for Bohemian varies according to one’s personality.

Just as the seasons change, so do the trends! The blending of styles are what give our home a simple, yet sophisticated look.Designing an interior is an artistic science that VRIST has developed.

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